King Ayinde Marshal Goes Philosophical On State of The Nation

The self acclaimed King of Fuji Music, Olasunkami Omogbolahan Wasiu Ayinde popularly known as KWAM 1 took to his Instagram page this morning to share his thoughts about the state of the Nigerian nation and the seeming inequality that exists in the Nigerian state.

”I woke up this morning with many thoughts on my mind, especially about Nigeria my country and the people, the mighty, powerful and the rich people, versus the suffering masses and poor amongst us.

God is great and the understanding of His ways is beyond human comprehension. For why does He allow the wicked to flourish and the good at times to wallow in poverty?

In the process of His showering blessing on mankind why does He allow the inevitable evil to be nursed in the process?

Who are we mortals to question God’s wisdom which passeth all ( human ) understanding?

Were it not so, why does the wicked flourish and prosper but the good and the kind at times labour soo much with little material reward? So is the world.

In any event, honest labour deserves blessings.

Dishonest and unwholesome and criminal amongst us deserves curse and punishment.

The irony of the whole matter is that thieves and robbers before embarking on their devilish assignments probably do pray and request for God’s protection! I wish man were God on such occasions. Man will no doubt send brimstone on the robber group when saying such prayers!

But the wrath of God these days is rather so slow to be easily ignited and let loose.


Monbo wa olorun koya logun odun.

The Sanctification and Blessing of the Inevitable Evil.

Nigeria we hail thee” Ayinde concluded.



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