Kim Kardashian could leave Kanye West over this footage

Every successful marriage is based on a mutual agreement on telling the truth. A marriage resting upon an abyss of unspoken dark opinions is doomed to fail. Every couple surely has their demons, but if they can’t be aired out without threatening the total collapse of the relationship, then something is wrong. Kanye West is known for his ranting, about the music industry, about politics and Jay-Z, but could there exist rants of him speaking on his own wife?

Kanye West had a rough 2016, culminating in a mental breakdown and the total cancellation of his Saint Pablo tour. West was hospitalized for his psychological problems, and is now trying to collect tour insurance from the same company that reportedly insured Keith Richard’s guitar fingers for millions of dollars. West seems to be doing better now, but his deteriorating mindset may have permanently stained his relationship.

West’s lawyer, Howard King, has revealed that tapes exist which Kanye fears could “destroy his marriage”.

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King claims that these tapes “graphically depicted the deterioration of his condition and mental breakdown”. Over twenty hours of footage leading up to November 21st were recorded, and in those twenty hours, West is “terrified” that there exist statements which should destroy his marriage.

It’s a frightening prospect – in your most vulnerable moments, spilling all your secrets and darkest thoughts, someone is recording you, and in your worst mental health possible, you’ve been preserved for eternity saying things you wish you could take back. I feel genuinely sorry for West, and I wonder who was recording him, and what their intentions are.

Mental health is extremely serious, and exploiting someone’s mental breakdown is an insanely cruel thing to do. Whatever Kanye has said, he’s clearly nervous about it. He does not want Kim to see the contents of those tapes.


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West is desperately trying to keep the tapes a secret. He won’t even give a copy to his insurers, preferring instead to pay a private paralegal $10,000 to view them and give his professional opinion on the content. The damage to his marriage is primary, but Kanye also knows it could hurt his career. I’m sure he said everything that a person at their worst emotional mindset would want to say about their business, friends and partners. It’s a sad situation.

At least Kanye has access to the tapes. But how many copies exist? Could he be extorted for them? It’s understandably an existentially breaking position to be in, just waiting for your words to return to you, words you regret, words that can break families.

I meannnnn…how cute!

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Do you think Kim and Kanye will last? The two seem to have stayed together longer than the internet speculation would lead one to believe. Maybe they truly are in love, and I hope their marriage can weather this. But if the union was doomed from the start, then this reckoning will just be an inevitability. I can’t speak for the future, but for the sake of their family, I hope they can get over this together.

The real question is what is on those tapes. Would Kim leave him if she knew what he had said? Is she now asking Kanye to see them, just so she knows? Sooner or later, his words will see the light of day – and the judgement of his wife.



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