Kabul attack: Police shoot hundreds of protesters calling for better security in Afghanistan

Authorities in Afghanistan say several protesters have been killed after police opened fire on a demonstration calling for better security in the wake of a bombing in Kabul which killed 90.

The protest march calling for improved security measures which began early on Friday turned violent as it reached the gates of the Presidential Palace.

The security forces fired live rounds into the air to try and dissuade the angry crowd from storming the grounds of the palace.
Authorities: Several protesters dead, police injured as hundreds demonstrate for better security in Afghanistan capital.

Initial reports of the number of dead vary. The public health ministry said four had died, but one local hospital said at least six people had been killed.

Many in Afghanistan are losing patience with the weak and divided government of President Ashraf Ghani, which they say is not doing enough to protect the people from militant violence.

Extremist attacks targeting civilians and the military around the country have increased since international troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 2014.

Wednesday’s massive suicide truck bombing was one of the deadliest attacks to hit the capital in recent years, killing 90 and wounding more than 400.

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