Is Your Butt Healthy? Hmmm… You Better Read This!

When you think about taking care of your body, you don’t often think of
your butt, do you? Didn’t think so. Any thoughts involving your butt are
probably focused on teaching it new skills so you can tear up the dance

not, you might be mad at it for giving you a hard time with your jeans.
We all know butts and jeans don’t always get along and trying to cram
the former into the latter can feel like an epic battle.

it is important to be mindful of a few facts when it comes to the
health of your butt mainly because we should all be more knowledgeable
about our bodies and also so you’re aware whatever you’ve got going on
back there is probably normal.

1. You can get acne back there.

only is butt acne common, it is also treatable so it’s not all bad
news. Psoriasis and eczema are other skin conditions which can occur
around the butt. Be mindful of itchy or burning sensations which could
be symptoms of these conditions.

2. Cancer too.

it’s true. Unfortunately, your behind is not spared from the risk of
cancer. In fact, skin cancers or melanomas which begin in the butt area
often go undetected, according to dermatologist Dr Michelle Green.Colon
cancer can also manifest through symptoms experienced in the butt, such
as slight bleeding and itchy sensations. If you feel anything strange
around your butt, it could be absolutely nothing but it is best to check
with a doctor in order to rule out more serious possibilities.

 3. Stay away from baby wipes.

Green advises patients to stick with toilet paper, water and soap when
cleaning the buttocks area because baby wipes can spark allergic
reactions or even contact dermatitis.


4. What you need to know about hemorrhoids…


known as piles, hemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels around the butt
which can cause discomfort. The vessels can be inflamed by pregnancy,
diarrhea or constipation. Straining when going to the bathroom can also
cause hemorrhoids, as can sitting on the toilet for too long so be
careful with those lengthy bathroom breaks.Though more
likely to affect those over the age of 45, hemorrhoids are pretty
common. Dr Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero, a colon and rectal surgeon, has
estimated that 50% – 66% of people experience hemorrhoids in their

5. A few fun facts about diarrhea…


can happen from time to time, thanks to the wide range of factors that
can cause it such as periods, not agreeing with food or even a viral or
bacterial infection. If you find yourself still stuck on the toilet a
day or two later, consult a doctor. Consistent diarrhea carries a
significant risk of dehydration so see someone who can help you nip it
in the bud before it has more serious adverse effects.

you’re a woman, I’ve got bad news. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS
affects twice as many women as it does men. Symptoms include diarrhea,
cramping, gas and constipation. Those suffering from IBS may experience
one or more of these symptoms, which can also be symptoms of other
conditions so diagnosing this condition can be tricky. Doctors usually
work by ruling other possibilities out before concluding on IBS.The
most important point to note above all is to never be too embarrassed
to talk about any funny business going on back there. The butt is not
isolated from the rest of the body so serious health conditions can also
affect your behind. Our butts can be very good to us by helping us nail
those killer dance moves or look like total babes in our jeans.

The least we can do is return the favour. Ask not what your butt can do for you; ask what you can do for your butt.



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