‘I’m secretly in love with a man’

Star actress Doris Simeon, 37, made a shocking confession recently: “I am in love with a man. I do not know what will happen next. There are so many ‘arrangee’ marriages in Nigeria now. At my age, I have to understand what I am getting into, otherwise people will say I am stupid. Marriage? Not so fast.”

“Men make sexual advances at me, but it is not by force. It is normal for men to lust after women; whether you are in the movie industry or not. Any attractive woman will have a lot of male admirers. If you know you have this talent and God has said it is your time, you don’t need to jump into bed with everyone who asks you.”

“I see it as normal when men make overtures at me. If you are a woman and men are not chasing after you, then you need to go for spiritual cleansing; something must be wrong somewhere. It is a normal thing that would happen to a normal girl who walks on the street, whether you are an actor or not; men will approach and woo you; it is left to you to say, ‘yes or no.’”



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