Ignore May 10 Meeting Notice, COSON Advises Members

The Copyright Society Of Nigeria has advised its member to ignore the circulated notice of meeting as it is false.

The meeting which, according to the fake report, was stated to hold on May 10, 2018.

In its words,

We would like to formally notify members of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and the general public that the notice of an Annual General Meeting purportedly scheduled for May 10, 2018 is false, misleading and of no consequence.

COSON members and the general public are hereby advised to ignore the notice as the society’s AGM cannot be called by a sacked chairman, an illegal board of handpicked “directors” and executed by a General Manager who is under indefinite suspension.

As directed by the regulator, Nigerian Copyright Commission in its February 19, 2018 letter addressed to management, a secretary should be appointed to prepare for the AGM within a 60-day period. This and other directives have been flouted in a desperate bid to perpetuate the illegality of Chief Tony Okoroji’s purported reinstatement and to avoid due diligence probe by way of a full forensic audit of accounts of COSON during Okoroji’s tenure as chairman. Okoroji does not have legal authority to call a COSON AGM.

On the concerns of members of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) over what appears to be reckless spending of the society’s funds on self-serving legal war, media and PR campaigns, we would like to formerly state that Chief Tony Okoroji, members of his illegal board of handpicked cronies (particularly those that may have been onboarded as signatories), bankers and any one who may have aided and abetted the illegal spending of COSON funds for purposes outside royalty payments, direct operational cost and staff salaries/allowances will be held accountable for their actions.

Members should be rest assured that the perpetrators of this illegality will be prosecuted and compelled to make full refund all monies squandered in a desperate bid to perpetuate the illegality.

Licensing fees are collected on behalf of COSON members primarily for royalty distribution to right owners and we are resolute in our commitment to protecting your money.

The body, however, called on members to be wary of sources they feed on in order not to be misdirected.



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