I Want To Be Remembered For Doing Good Music –Kilo One

Uwaifo Lawrence,
popularly known as Kilo One, is a talented Nigerian singer and songwriter. He
launched his first album titled ‘Rule the World’ and gained a huge popularity
with his video, ‘Number One Girl’. In this chat opens up on his childhood and
When did you start your
music career?
I started music as a teenager in a group called
‘Agape’ at Church of God Mission (Faith Arena), Benin City some years back.
How did the name,
Kilo-One originate?
When I was younger, I liked performing songs of
great artistes like Fela Anikolapo Kuti, Shakademus and Shabba Ranks and the
name, ‘Kilo One’ comes from one of Shabba Ranks’ songs, titled ‘Trailer Load a
Girls’. My fans choose to call me by that slogan; ‘Kilo Kilo’ and I just added
‘One’ to make it Kilo One.
What’s your relationship
with other artistes in the Nigerian music industry?
I have a very cordial relationship with my
colleagues. I’m proud to be a Nigerian; everywhere you go in the world, you see
people listening to Nigerian songs even when they don’t understand the lyrics.
We are rich musically and I thank God that I have a perfect working
relationship with a lot of artists.
Can you take us into
your family background?
Growing up was hectic as a little boy who barely
knew what life was truly all about. I grew up in a family of seven; four males
and three females. Back then in Benin City, it wasn’t really comfortable as a
little boy in the midst of five soldiers as they were my elders. I needed to
listen to them in order to be wiser and my father was a music lover, so it was
always school and music.
What is your favourite
I am a proud African man and a true born of Edo
State. So you know what to expect. I love pounded yam.
What’s that thing people
don’t really know about you?
I’m a very humble guy and people misinterpret
this aspect of me most times. But, being humble doesn’t mean people should take
me for granted.
You recently signed a
deal with an outfit, what’s the deal all about?
Yes, the name of the company is A Thousand Mile
Films (ATMFilms); they are into shooting of videos and films generally. I thank
God for the deal; it is a big deal for both parties. They saw my job and got
interested in my talent and approached me for a deal. It’s a year’s contract
and I am hoping to take their brand to the next level.
You have been in the
industry for a while, are you discouraged or weighed down that you are yet to
be considered for an endorsement?
No! I’m good and very confident and I believe in
God. The best is yet to come.
Do you think the
Nigerian music industry is doing well now?
Of course yes and very well, the big boys have
taken it to a global height. Nigerian music is globally accepted now and that’s
why many firms and individuals are buying into it. In Europe where I was living
before coming back home, all the black clubs patronise Afro beat, in the USA
and also in Africa. We have so many talented artistes of different genres all
over the country yet Nigerians complain of unemployment. I will like to see
government invest in the entertainment industry so that these talented youths
can achieve their aim, especially in the area of quality videos.
Who are those artists
you will like to work with?
If I have my way, I want to work with every
single artiste because I believe everybody has their different styles. But, I
would definitely love to work with Wizkid anytime soon, Tekno is a huge talent
and he is a selling point right now. There are so many good artistes out there
I’d love to work with.
Aside music, what else
do you do?
I’m a well-known beautician and I have gone
international with it.
Where are you sinking
your money?
I thank God for all He has done, I am grateful
for what I have. No doubt, I love big cars even when I was only a showbiz
promoter. I have driven big cars but that doesn’t mean that all my hard earned
money is being spent on flashy cars like some other artistes. I am investing in
entertainment. When the time comes, the world will hear about it. Of course, my
family is there too.
What would you have been
doing if you were not doing music?
If not music, I would’ve been in Europe with my
family doing my beautician business.
Who is your female
celebrity crush?
That would definitely be Rihanna! She came to my
city every summer holiday for beach parties when I was based in Europe.
What’s your passion? I love music with
a passion. Singing is my passion.
Describe your fashion
My style is simple and acceptable. I also love
good wristwatches; I don’t want to mention names.
Which female artists
would you love to work with
That would be Tiwa Savage or Yemi Alade because
my kind of music attracts both.
How do you handle female
attraction and distraction?
As a man, I have grown to understand that
females are also part of life. So I give people room to accommodate themselves
especially those who do not ask for too much. I love my female fans, but we
have to keep it on a platonic level after all, my mother is also woman.
What should we expect
from you this year?
I intend to release a few singles, good songs
and music videos back to back this year 2017.
What legacy do you
intend to leave behind as an artiste?
As an artist, I want people to always remember
me for good music.
What are the pains of
being an artiste?
People expect you to be the kind of person they
assume instead of accepting the real you. And many people take advantage of it.
In some parts of the world, an artiste is not expected to be like every other
normal person and that can be challenging sometimes; most especially those
friends you used to hang out with. Because music can take you to places that
you may begin to lose some close friends because of distance and unnecessary
reasons and ignorance.
What are your words to
your fans?
To my fans out there, please do leave behind
your reactions, because your likes, shares and comments have brought me this
far; don’t give up on me yet for I really appreciate everybody. Expect a big
one from me this year because the best is yet to come.
How do you relax?
By listening to good music, playing soccer and I
love swimming.


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