Hunters, herdsmen may clash in Oyo over missing 500 cows

A crisis looms at the Oke- Ogun area of Oyo State, except urgent
steps are taken to strengthen ties between some Fulani herdsmen and the
traditional hunters of the area over about 500 missing cows belonging to
the Fulani.

This is as the hunters of the area warned the Fulani herdsmen that
they would not tolerate any conduct that may lead to the breakdown of
law and order.

The Fulani on their part accused their host communities of exhibiting
lackadaisical attitude to their plight. About 500 cows belonging to the
itinerant Fulani herdsmen were said to have gone missing recently in
the Oke Ogun area of the state, with the owners accusing people of the
communities in the area of stealing their live stocks.

The Fulani were said to have closed down all meat markets in the area as
a form of retributive action against their hosts, who in turn issued a
warning to the herdsmen not to take the laws into their hands, but
rather conduct themselves within the ambits of the law, while a solution
is being sought.

Chairman of the Soludero Hunters Association, Chief Oladejo Oladapo
and the President of the association, Chief Nureni Ajijola Idris have
advised the Fulani socio-cultural organization, Jamu Nati Fulbe
Association of Nigeria not to resort to violence as the state government
and police are making arrangement to resolve the disappearance of their

He gave the advice while speaking with newsmen in Ibadan at the
weekend. According to the Head Hunter, it would be helpful for the
herdsmen to toe the path of peace as violence would only escalate the

National Chairman of the Fulani herdsmen, Alhaji Saliu Kadir, had, a
fortnight ago, lamented that since the report of the sudden
disappearance of their cattle was made, the committee that was set up to
address the issue had been too lackadaisical towards the plight of
those affected by the massive loss.

As a first step to recovering their cows, the herdsmen had ordered closure of all their cattle markets in Ibarapa area.

Reacting to the incident, Oladapo said: “We are aware of what Fulani
herdsmen are doing in Oke-Ogun and Ibarapa areas of Oyo State. We have
to make rituals so that their killing instincts will not gain ground in
Oyo as they do in other places.

There is nothing like prayers. We will pray and make rituals in all
corners of the state so that evil will not happen to us. Evil will not
happen. Rituals help in matters of this nature”.

Oladapo however, warned the herdsmen not to foment trouble of any
kind but rather allow the law to take its course, so that the issue can
be resolved peacefully.

“If they want to be violent, we will be prepared for them and they
would not overcome us. Hunters are to maintain peace in society and we
will live up to this responsibility. If there is any hostility
somewhere, we the hunters have the capability to confront it and ward it

“The Fulani herdsmen are here to graze their animals, they should face
their chosen job and not to kill our people and rape our women. If they
do, we know what we can do so that they would not stay here in Oyo
State. By the time we put some things together, they would not be able
to stay here again,” he warned.

Responding, Nureni Idris, said: “We are calling on all Fulani
herdsmen to comport themselves and not disturb the peace of Oyo State.
If they don’t, we will send our hunters into all areas to check their

“We cannot be here and allow them to do harm to our people. We will
not allow it. Our fathers are blessed with charms and they have
transferred it to us. We know what we can do to arrest whoever ruptures
the peace of the state and hand him over to the law enforcement agents,”
he cautioned.



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