How Sallah Durbar Entertains in Zazzau and Jema’a Emirates in Kaduna State

Apart from several Chiefdoms, Zazzau (Zaria) and Jama’a Emirates are the only towns exercising emirate ship system in Kaduna state.

Sallah festivities in those areas are very similar to each other. As being observed traditionally, while three durbars are usually taken place in Zazzau emirate, Hawan Sallah (the first day of Sallah), Hawan Bariki and Hawan Daushe, two durbars are usually staged in Jema’a Emirate in both the annual Eid-el-Fitr and Eid-el-Kabir celebrations.

The first one takes place on Sallah day immediately after the prayer which is known as Hawan Sallah (In Zaria and Jama’a Emirates) while the second comes up a day after Sallah and is known as Hawan Daushe in Jema’a, and Hawan Bariki in Zaria emirate.

Usually, the people line up in the streets or in front of their houses paying allegiance, as the emirs are passing.

As usual, on the arrival to the emir of Jema’a to the main gate, the horse riders’ starts to entertains the spectators and attract their cheers and applause, with skills and horse race, before the arrival of the emir.

One after the other, all the district heads and the traditional title holders enters to the palace to pay their allegiance after the emir presented a well wishing speech to his people.

The following day, which was supposed to be for Hawan Daushe, and which attracts many spectators, brought many residents to be parts and parcels of the celebration.

Traditionally, the emir and his entourage accompanied by district heads, traditional title holders, ‘yan Tauri, group of youths, security personnel (Which consist Army, Police, Mopol, SSS, NSCDC, FRSC, Vigilante and First Aid Groups) depart the palace as early as 9am.

As of olden days, the emir and his entourage usually depart the palace to the Local Government Secretariat to pay Sallah homage to the Chairman/Administrator but nowadays the case has been reversed.

The Council Secretary of the Jema’a Emirate, Alhaji Yakubu Isa Dokajen Jama’a told Daily Trust that “I can remember as of those days when all the tribes in Jema’a Local Government (then under Jema’a emirate) participate in sallah celebration in Kafanchan. Both Muslims and Christians across the tribes in the area; Ninzom, Ayu, Numana, Gwandara, Nkyob, Fantswam, Fulani, Nindem, Kagoma are participating with their cultural troops when the emir returned to his palace to witness the cultural dancers and singers. This was happened before the creation of Sanga and kagoma chiefdoms (1994) and Godogodo, Fantswam and Kaninkon chiedoms (2001).

“Before, the emir use to go to the Local Government Secretariat to pay Sallah homage but due to what is happening in the area that has to do with security challenges, the emir was stopped. That was about three years ago. But now, the emir only visits General Hospital to sympathize with the sick persons by going round the wards.

“When the emir returned to his palace after visiting the sick persons in Kafanchan General Hospital, the Local Government Chairman or his representative will also join him at front of the palace to give his speech and messages after listening the emir’s good will messages and annual report to the government.”

In this year’s message at his palace, the emir, commends the federal and state government for efforts taken in tackling the security challenges that rampaged the area by establishing Military Forward Base and Mopol settlement.

“We thanked the Federal, Kaduna State and Jema’a local Governments for showing their concern and exercising their duty in protecting the lives of the Nigerian citizens. The Jema’a Emirate wishes to announce their continuous support to the government at all level and hope that Nigeria as a country will overcome her recession and shine again quickly.”

In his speech, the Sole Administrator Jema’a Local Government Alhaji Yusuf Usman Mu’azu, warned the people that are using social media and posting wrong information, telling people not to pass somewhere in southern kaduna saying that there was crisis in such places when there is none.

“We want to inform the people of Jema’a Local Government that government are creating jobs and are also executing developmental projects and it will soon reach us here because what makes the delay is the issue of insecurity but now, as normalcy restored, everything will be okay.”

Visiting General Hospital Kafanchan, now, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa Memorial Hospital, to sympathize with the sick and give donations to the hospital, is part of the Hawan Daushe that stood for many years in Jema’a Emirate.

Usually, the Medical Director and his team wait for the emir and his entourage. Upon the arrival, the MD will list the problems facing the hospital and the emir will respond, give donations and take some promises on behalf of his emirate.

The Sarkin Samarin Jama’a, Alhaji Mudi Shafi’u Tahir said that Sallah durbar in Kafanchan, headquarters of the Jema’a Emirate, is the major event that adds colour to the celebration in which every sons and daughters of the soil wishes to participate from far and near.

“The people of Jema’a emirate that are living in different parts of the country as far as Sokoto, Borno, Bauchi, Katsina, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Federal Capital Territory use this opportunity to come with their families to celebrate Sallah here. Our students, civil servants, traditional title holders, politicians, business men and even our Okada Riders that are doing their business somewhere usually returned as they prefer to celebrate Sallah with their families and friends at home,” he said.

“Indeed, this is a great symbol of unity to our people from all walks of life.” He added

…We have no good roads, higher Institutions, in our area – Chief of Birnin Gwari

The Chief of Birnin Gwari, Birnin Gwari Local Government Area in Kaduna State Alhaji Jibril Zubairu Mai Gwari II has appeal the Kaduna state government to help builds them good roads in Birnin Gwari.

The traditional ruler made this appeal while addressing the Kaduna state governor Malam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai in Birnin Gwari.

“We use this opportunity to appeal to you that we also need a new Dam because the one we have is not being used for a long time. Our roads are also not good, as you see by yourself.

“I also want to use this opportunity to appeal to the governor to also assist and build us schools in this area because we have no single higher Institution in Birnin Gwari.”.

“Criminal activities in terms of robbery and kidnapping are also increasing.” Said the chief

While responding, the governor, said that his government is aware of all the problems in the area and his administration is working hard to overcome all the issues, as soon as possible.



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