Girl Tries to Prove Stepdad Isn’t a Cheater Using her Underage Friend, But it Doesn’t Go to Plan

MSNBC’s To Catch a Predator, To Catch A Cheater is a YouTube series wherein people usually try to bait their significant others into cheating on them, but this particular edition features potential cheating of a different kind. A young lady named Christina went on the show to test the fidelity of a man in her life, but instead of a significant other, it was her stepdad. She recruited her friend Tara (who is still some time from her 18th birthday) to help her out in this test of fortitude, but things go awry very quickly.

Speaking with Luis Mercado, the host of To Catch A Cheater, Christina admits she’s a little nervous about watching the footage. Tara spoke to Christina briefly before she sat down to watch her stepdad be tempted, but I doubt she would have been prepared for what happened next.

I can’t imagine that it’s a very pleasant experience to find out that somebody you care about has been cheated on camera, and Christina’s visceral reaction shows how devastated she is to learn that her stepdad isn’t faithful to her mom. The unpleasant situation is only exacerbated by the fact that Tara is only 17 years old.

From agreeing to go to Tara’s party to arranging to meet Tara while Christina is at soccer practice, the situation continues to worsen for Christina’s stepdad, and when the video is over, he has no excuses. By that point, Christina had slammed the laptop shut, unable to watch any more, and she called her friend Tara in a fury after she kissed Christina’s stepdad on the cheek.

Unfortunately for Christina, things only get worse from there. Christina gets into an argument with Tara, who maintains that she was only trying to test her stepfather. The situation escalates, and when Christina tells Tara that their friendship is over, Tara reveals that she’s going to invite Christina’s stepdad to her party. The YouTube comments section below the video was up in arms at this absolutely scandalous story of infidelity.

Being cheated on can have some devastating and long-lasting effects on how we relate to others moving forward. There’s every chance that Christina’s friendship with Tara is ruined, and may well grow up struggling to trust other men in the future. Christina says that she’s going to inform her mother of her stepdad’s activities, and it looks as if he has got a lot of explaining to do for himself.



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