Gani Adams hails National Assembly’s move on Confab Reports

The National Coordinator of Oodua People’s Congress, Otunba Gani Adams has commended the National Assembly for its decision to recall the recommendations of the last National Conference that took place in 2014 with a view to adopt some of the recommendations documented after the confab.

According to Adams who is also the Convener of Oodua Progressive Union, the future of Nigeria is in the hands of the Assembly men. “We should stop deceiving ourselves, the future of Nigeria as an entity can only be guaranteed if the various yearning of all components of the Nigeria union have their agitations met”.

“It is only wise for the Federal Lawmakers to critically look into the set out recommendations of the Confab which I have the honor to participate so as to pacify everybody.

Aside assurance of national peace, it will also aid the rapid development of the nation”.

By this action, the 8th National Assembly is on the verge of writing down its name in gold as the savior of the unity of Nigeria. They should move beyond paper talks and be proactive and adopt the needed agitations which will assure all to want to remain under the union called Nigeria.

Since they are the real representatives of Nigerians, it will be a plus for them to be on the side of the people and move the country forward he opined.

Adams further advised the recommendations have addressed every aspects, sectors and needs of the country, including the judiciary, executive, local government and others.

For Instance, the conference recommended that each state of the federation should have its Supreme and Appeal Court to fast track judicial process, it is therefore necessary that the lawmakers should take critical look into all the recommendations.

He said the composition of the Conference was the best so far in Nigeria and it is better than any other political gatherings that the County has ever assembled



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