Famous Preacher, Apostle Joshua Suleman, Receives America’s Honourary Citizenship Award

He is famous for his fiery preaching that reflects equality, fairness and justice in Africa’s most populous black nation on earth. This man being used for divine liberation of humanity based on the words of God has fought many battles, overcame several obstacles even in Nigeria’s political storm, yet came unscratched. Apostle Joshua Suleman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, whose branches spread across the world has won United States America’s Citizenship Honorary Award in South Carolina.

Twenty four hours after the award ceremony, Nigerian-American Press Association (NAPA) rose from its 40th Executive Meeting in Austin, Texas to endorse the honor bestowed on Apostle Suleman.

Just last week Thursday, this highly cerebral ‘man-of-God’ received the prestigious award and key of the State of South Carolina which is a Honorary Citizenship by the state of South Carolina, United States of America.

The historic ceremony was witnessed by delegation of lawmakers, led by Rep. John Richard C. King, who said the honour, which is the highest given to non-residents of South Carolina, was sequel to approval of the state’s House of Representatives in recognition of Apostle Suleman’s contribution to humanity.

Dignitaries, hundreds of African-Americans were in attendance of this event at the Faithful Centre Bible Church, Inglewood, California where Apostle Suleman held the region’s edition of his ministry’s life-changing crusade with the theme, ‘Help From Above,’ on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The award citation reads: “Apostle Suleman won this highest honour not only because he is noted as a great social worker with outstanding performances in outreach programmes but also his passion for giving without borders.”

“Apostle Suleman is so privileged, because there are a lot of people out there who are equally blessed if not more but are not willing to do. “We would like to confer upon you the Honorary Citizenship of South Carolina for being an accomplished humanitarian. This is the highest honour given to non-residents of the state of South Carolina.

“We look forward to hosting you at the South Carolina State Capitol and exploring future partnerships with you and the State of South Carolina.”

In appreciation, Apostle Suleman dedicated the award to God, his better half and partner, Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman as well as members of the Omega Fire Ministries, worldwide.

This lawmakers’ award letter dated June 8, 2017 conveying the approval of the House and signed by Richard C. King, Chairman South Carolina Legislators Black Caucus, also indicated that the state was looking forward to hosting Apostle Suleman at its Capitol Hill.

Plans are also in place for Apostle Suleman to have a meeting with senators representing the state. The meeting will have in attendance the state’s lawmakers, to be led by Rep. John C. King who is representing South Carolina. Others in the list include Rep. Harold Love, representing Tennessee, and Hon. Dr. Dee Dawkins-Haigler, representing Atlanta-Georgia.

In an appreciative remark, Apostle Suleman’s Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu thanked the government and people of the State of South Carolina for finding Apostle Suleman worthy of such a high honour, noting that it was also an indication of the acceptance of the message of salvation which Omega Fire Ministries has taken to the United States and other parts of the world.

His words: “We are grateful and elated that the message of salvation, love and compassion which the servant of God has taken to the United States of America and other parts of the world has been widely accepted and bearing fruits. This honour by the State of South Carolina bears testimony to this reality.”

Assuring members of the church worldwide, Shaibu re-emphasized Apostle Suleman’s commitment to the values, prayers and lifestyle for which he has become well known and called on them not to relent in praying for the cleric.

Meanwhile, NAPA rising from its 40th Executive Meeting in Austin, Texas which came barely 24 hours after award, endorsed the honor bestowed on Apostle Suleiman.

At the conclusion of its Extra-Ordinary Meeting, Steve Franklin, International President and 12 other executives of NAPA signed a communique which endorsed Apostle Suleiman, “We are aware that honor and award are rewards of virtuous character and inestimable values.

We are using this medium to fully endorse the United States Honorary Citizenship bestowed upon Apostle Joshua Suleiman, the General Overseer of Omega Fore Ministries International for his untainted integrity, towering leadership qualities, epitome of Excellence; Global Acceptance and Positive impact on humanity.”



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