Facebook launches TripAdvisor-style app where your FRIENDS give the reviews

THE problem with reviews online is you never know if the writer is your type of person.

But Facebook reckons they have the answer- with a new app that gives you recommendations on where to go and what to do based on what your friends like.

Facebook Local – which has so far only been rolled out in the US, but will likely soon come to European shores – lets people surf for bars, restaurants and other tourist attractions that their friends have liked.

Results of the search, which combines events and attractions in one search engine, are powered by Facebook’s millions of business pages as well as your friends’ reviews check-ins.

Rather than featuring ads from local businesses and events, Facebook Local also recommends events your friends are going to – which means you’ll be able to catch up with them there.

You’ll be also be able to recommend places you’ve been so your friends can see them and respond to event invites using the app.

On the home page, users have access to a calendar of your day’s Events, including invites, RSVPs and trending events near where you are.

Users will be able to see everything that’s happening around then on certain days – and you can change your location if you go on holiday, making it a valuable travel tool.

This is not the company’s first app that offers personalised suggestions.

Last year, it launched Featured Events – which suggests events for you, depending on what your friends like.

In fact, Facebook Local is the updated version of Events, which offers some of the same tools but is considered less clunky by experts.

Facebook Local product manager Aditya Koolwal told Tech Crunch its main purpose is to “make it a lot easier to do certain kind of look-ups that are very common when making plans with friends.”

Facebook Local will be available for iOS and Android.

The app will feature details of nearby attractions including places your friends have been and recommended

The app will give you have access to a calendar of your day’s Events, including invites, RSVPs as well as trending events near where you are




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