Dino Recall Mayhem: Protest Went Well Until Jerry Omodara Came to The Scene – Eye Witness

A political and community leader in Kogi State, Pastor Femi Obalemo, has shed more light on the actions leading to gun attack at the pro-Dino Melaye protests today in Lokoja.

Supporters of Senator Dino Melaye gathered in front of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja this morning to express their grievances against Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) and his political associates in the attempted move to recall the senator. However, armed thugs stormed the protest venue and the ensuing gun battle led to the death of a young man with several others injured.

Obalemo, who was there, said the rally was going on peacefully until the Security Adviser to Kogi State Governor, Commodore Jerry Omodara and other appointees stormed the venue of the protest.

“I was physically on ground and can tell you that Lt Comdr Omodara (Rtd) caused the mayhem that happened at Kogi Poly today. God is my witness. The event was going on well until Omodara came. When he was sighted, they reported to the policemen that he was not wanted there. The Policemen politely told him to leave the scene of the event. He went and mobilised some men who came in company of the Local Government Administrator and a Commissioner and an Adviser to GYB. Some guys came on the other side of the road and started shooting.

“The slain guy Yahaya Bello’s acolytes claimed was a Kogi Poly student was actually one of the loyalists of Senator Dino that came from Kabba with him. He was shot inside one of the vehicles that brought Sen Dino’s loyalists. He is right now receiving treatment.

“The sienna bus that got burnt was one of the buses the men Omodara brought came in with weapons. Several explosions happened in the fire as the sienna was burning.

“I was there until the Commissioner of Police came. Sen Dino’s coaster bus and Prado SUV were shot severally by the men Omodara mobilised to Kogi Poly. The two vehicles were abandoned until the Commissioner of Police came and they were towed away.

“We need peace in our State. Government Appointees should not be fueling crises in the State. You are not helping the Governor. Kogi State is about 30 years old and has never experienced this kind of madness.

“Lokoja is one of the Local Government Sen Dino is representing. If the Government is sponsoring his recall, will it not be nice for him to speak to his people at least for fair hearing. Traveling along Kabba Abuja road and stopping to address his constituents should be too much to grant a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If things continue this way, I am afraid, communal crisis may be inevitable which will ultimately lead to Declaration of A State of Emergency on Kogi State.

“I want to therefore conclude that I am pretty sure that God has regretted His making Yahaya Bello Governor of Kogi State”, he said.



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