Diamond accuses Zari Hassan of cheating

Power couple, Diamond Platnumz and partner Zari Hassan might be having issues as the former has accused the latter of infidelity.

Moments ago, the Tanzanian singer, took to his Instagram to share a photo of his Babymama/partner with a mystery man in a pool and he circled a part where the man’s hand appeared to be on her ass.

He captioned the photo:

Diamond platnumz accuses Zari Hassan

“Ndiomaana wakati mwingine naonaga bora tu nile na kusepa…. maana hawathaminikagi wala kuaminika hawa,” said the singer, which when roughly translated, means, “the reason why sometimes i prefer being a player than a committed loyal man.”

This is coming after Diamond declared his mother “The only real wman” in his life, which of course kicked off rumors that there may be fire on the mountain with his babymama/partner. Again, Zari lost her ex-husband, a billionaire, Ivan Ssemwanga, with whom she had 3 sons for.. and again, she was made the manager of his multi-billion naira empire.

Now, her marriage to the Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz apparently has hit the rocks over apparent cheating allegations, and this has upset their fans.

But then, shortly after Diamond shared the picture, Zari took to Instagram to clarify that the man in the picture is her son’s uncle, and the photo was taken by the man’s wife. Also, she hints that the singer cheats behind her back.

In Her words: “Photo credit was by his wife. He is my kids’ uncle. the late’s cousin And I happened to meet them at a spa. When you are that IT loyal gal, someone will always find fault when it’s not there just to cover and turn around stories of all the dirty they do behind you back.”



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