Days after he went missing, popular Bauchi State blogger, found slaughtered just weeks to his wedding

A Nigerian Blogger/Writer by name Abdulhakeem Bauchin Bauchi residing
in Bauchi State has been found dead after he went missing for days.

According to people who know him, his wedding ceremony was scheduled
in a few weeks before his untimely death. His body was found slaughtered
and dumped in a bush.

Writing on Facebook, his friend Sen Auwal Mashall wrote:


What a world full of agony and mischievous attitute, what are we
looking for in this would that we would takeaway a soul which we can’t
create, Abdulhakeem Bauchin Bauchi is a Blogger/Writer residing in
Bauchi State by origin, he is a man of generosity a man full of

Abdul is a constant member of this forum and a backdoor Contributor
to enhance the lives of many other in the world. His intention in life
is to enlight the world with Human Right both islamically and the modern

Now some ungodly people, that mask themselves from the mercy of
Allah, killed him today in Bauchi State, which the scenerio was yet to
be published.

Oh, Allah have Mercy upon this innocent soul of you’rs, for he who
knows nothing about the ungodly judgment of this people, grant him
Jannatul Firdaus and empower his family with wealth that will last
forever ameen.

May your soul rest in peace Abdul Ameen.

Our condolence to the Bauchi State Government and the Family of the decease.”

Another friend Abdullahi A. Abdullahi added: “I’m in full of tears and in deep confusion wallahi.

I’m still in loss.

This Gentleman had been one of my conversation mate in all my Years
in the university, been from bauchi he always came into University and
I’m his favorite political discussant.

He was missing but His body found slaughtered. Wa iyazubillah. His
marriage was scheduled in few weeks, my condolences to his spouse to be.

His death is indeed a shocker.”



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