Daughter sleeps with her mum’s fiancée again to ‘punish her’ for cheating on her dad

A woman has admitted to sleeping with her stepdad AGAIN on The Jeremy Kyle Show – after he was exposed for cheating three years ago.

And, in a shocking twist, daughter Sari admitted she was trying to “punish” her mum Anne, after being told she’d cheated on her biological dad.

Three years ago, Anne labelled her daughter a “lying little cow” on the same show – after discovering fiancée Arnie had slept with both Sari and her sister Donna behind her back.

But “doormat Anne” took her man back a day later, despite refusing to speak to Sari for four months.

Now, three years on, she has walked in on the love rat having sex with Sari on their living room floor yet again.

Jezza slammed her, saying: “Your fiancée had sex with your daughter, you forgave him and you’ve caught him doing it again.

“What is wrong with you? So you walk in your house… what happened?”

Her mum

Anne explained: “I was already in. I was in the bedroom because I’d gone in there to watch TV. And then I heard her making a noise.”

The TV host helpfully filled in the gaps, saying: “You told my team I thought she was having an asthma attack.”

And Anne replied: “And then when I walked in they were both having sex on the floor.”

Justifying her actions, Sari said she was drunk because she’d been in the pub since 3pm on Saturday.

She slammed Anne as “nowhere near a good mother”, and Jezza asked: “So are you punishing her by sleeping with her fiancé TWICE?”

Sari replied: “In a way yes, but in a way no. I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

Sari went on to explain that her rage at mum Anne was caused by her biological dad shunning her on his death bed, because he thought she wasn’t his child.

She said: “My dad, on his death bed, the day he died, said to me ‘I don’t care because you’re not my daughter anyway.

“‘Your mum is nothing but a lying two-faced ****. And I hope to God you find out the truth one day.’”

Defiant Anne took a lie detector test on the stage, which showed she had indeed cheated on Sari’s dad.

Sari sobbed backstage after hearing the news, before asking: “Is he really my dad? How can I believe it now?”

“It doesn’t have to be when you were conceived, get that out of your head,” Kyle said.

“None of this justifies you trying to get back at your mother by sleeping with her fiancée.”

He also offered to arrange a DNA test, so Sari can find out who her real dad is.  This is unlikely to be the last we see of this complicated family.

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