Conference Hotel redefines hospitality to battle COVID-19 (Photos)

As coronavirus ravages the world and with increasing cases of its presence in Nigeria, corporate organisations and private bodies are also working round the clock to complement the government’s efforts by putting in place proactive measures in ensuring public safety.

The management of Conference Hotel and Suites has concluded plans in not only ensuring a pleasurable stay for its clients and guests, but has also gone a step further in keeping them safe from the pandemic.

It is no brainier that self isolation is one of the ways recommended by the federal government and World Health Organisation to keep protected from the deadly virus, the Conference Hotel and Suites, built as a result of the need to provide a top-notch hotel services in the heart of Ogun State, has ensured its environment is reconfigured to stem the tide of the infection and ensure an experience of home away from home during self isolation.

Aside from the temperature testing of all intended entrants and administration of various forms of sanitisers at every location of the hotel, the guests can also keep update with happenings around the world with free high speed internet connection, while sanitisers, gloves and nose masks made available in every room.

Taking into consideration the need for pleasurable stay, the hotel’s multiple entertainment centres, which will be opened simultaneously to admit a maximum of 40 people at a time, include a roof terrace, which now has a new and frequently sterilised elevator. This has another newly introduced open lounge.

Others include swimming pool bar, Emerald restaurant, Penthouse restaurant and Underground Safari Lounge.

In addition to this, a situation room has been opened to monitor movements, body languages and round the clock surveillance of patrons with the deployment of hi-tech cameras around the premises in order to stay on top and facilitate quick response to any situation.



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