Coca-Cola Plus: New Coke with fibre could be healthiest yet

Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Life – Coca-Cola is on a continuous mission to make its soft drinks healthier.

The latest in the list, however, is seriously unusual. Coca-Cola Plus is essentially Coke with added fibre.

on sale in Japan this March, the drink is sugar and calorie-free and
contains contains five grams of indigestible dextrin, which was created
as a supplement for people with fibre deficiencies.
Coca-Cola Plus
was actually first launched years ago but was taken off the shelves.
Now, it’s back. And Diet Coke addicts are rejoicing.

Some people
are calling it the healthiest Coke variant ever and there’s a lot of
excitement about the claim that the fibre could reduce fat absorption
from food, if drunk whilst eating.

In fact, Coca-Cola Plus is being marketed as the first Coke drink that actively improves your health.
more, according to Coca-Cola, drinking one bottle a day with meals will
help control the levels of triglycerides in the blood after eating.

drink is being targeted at over-40s who still crave Coca-Cola flavour
but no longer want to consume so many unhealthy drinks.

But how good it tastes remains to be seen.

Reviewing Coca-Cola Plus’ previous incarnation nearly seven years ago, CNN
wrote: “Coca-Cola Plus Fiber is like drinking an ultra-sweet
cola-flavoured jelly with a heavy dose of faux citrus and a biting

“A remote high-five to anyone who can finish a whole bottle and eat another meal that day.”
said the fibre makes the texture of the drink much thicker than that of
usual Coke, and “the gooiness sticks in your throat like milk.”

So perhaps its health claims won’t be enough to offset a less than pleasant drinking experience.



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