CNE braces for elections in Mozambique on reduced budget

The National Elections Commission (CNE) of Mozambique says that it is essential to involve political parties and representatives of civil society in the setting up of electoral bodies, and especially polling stations, so that the municipal elections of October 10, 2018 are transparent and return a result corresponding to the real will of voters.

The process of setting up support bodies for the National Election Commission and the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE), including provincial, district and city electoral commissions, will begin within days.

CNE spokesman Paulo Cuinica said that the placing of the registration posts, which, as a general rule, coincide with election polling stations, will follow.

Cuinica stressed that “this process must also involve political parties, local leaders and other actors, including representatives of civil society”, some Mozambican political parties having questioned the transparency of electoral processes in Mozambique.

Although the requested 970 million meticais budget for the next municipal elections has not been approved by the government, which is offering 650 million meticais to cover the current 53 municipalities, the CNE says it is working on the assumption that the number of municipalities will probably increase.


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