If you can not manage being talked about you can’t prosper – Chief Lamina

Over the years, the issue of land grabbers reverberate like an elephant roar and many people vacillate and experience anxiety at fever’s peak in attempts to purchase lands. 8In view of fraudulent reports and dubious land spectators scattered in the city of Lagos and the neighboring states.

In an interview with a prominent Land and Estate consultant, Chief Kamorudeen Lamina who is the Chief Executive Officer, C.E.O of Omo Lamina Estate and Properties Limited. The middle aged community leader and a philanthropist beam searchlights on series of land and security issues. He also debunked allegations linking him to any notorious activities with a certify police record exonerating him of any allegations of robbery, threat to life, murder and malicious damage. Famously known as Sir K. Oluwo, the man who has many chieftaincy titles to his feat advices prospective land buyers to be wary of fake land and property agents, stressing that many are victims of property fraud due to their failure to recognize registered property consultants.

Can you please tell us how you got into land business?

Thank you, my name is Alhaji Kamorudeen Lamina, popularly known as Sir k. Oluwo. I am a native of Ibeju Lekki and I do my business in and outside the city of Lagos. I registered Omo Lamina Estate and Property many years ago and the late Oba Elegushi was the first customer who contracted his family landed properties to me. I marketed the property and from there God answered my prayer as many other contracts followed suit.

Is it true you forcifully grab people’s land ?

That is not true. If I take your land by force won’t you take me to court, in a country that has law and government? I don’t and I have never stepped into peoples land without being invited. I run a legitimate company OMO LAMINA ESTATES AND PROPERTIES, duly registered by law and I have my personal legal adviser, a person of the famous Femi Falana, S.A.N. People who have lands in large scale do come to my office and it is my job to assess the land and market it. May be, it was due to our experiences in land marketing or can I call it luck? What I believe in is that we have a network of prospective buyers who throng to our office on daily basis registering their readiness to buy land from us. And one thing is sure, any land you buy from us is authentic and free from any fraudulent maneuvering. We are not faceless people. We don’t steal landed property. Our job is to market lands and houses. We are doing a legitimate business recognized by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

How come certain land related atrocities were alleged against your person?

Well, whatever you are doing you must expect being talked about. If you can not manage being talked about you can never prosper. People say all sorts of things about successful individuals who have make a name in their businesses. People say bad things about President Buhari before he became president. People cooked up nasty things about Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, even Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo was to some a sentimental leader despite his unrivaled political achievement.

You see, sometimes ago, I was invited by the police and I honored the invitation. They told me I was petitioned and that they were investigating me for the threat to life and murder of some people I never knew in my life. I was detained and after thorough investigations, they set me free and even issued a legal advice to the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Federal Anti Robbery Squad (FSARS) that there was no iota of truth in the allegations leveled against me. I was subsequently arraigned before a Magistrate court and discharge and acquitted. What I know is that if you are doing a legitimate business you will always overcome such blackmail and envious allegations.

I was once a victim of kidnapping. There was a time my mother was kidnapped and I have to pay ransom worth millions of naira before she could regain freedom.

The rate of cultism in the society is becoming more alaraming. How do you think it can be eradicated?

Cultism has been a social malady for a long time. It became very prominent when children of the wealthy and noble people partake in it. Go and check any time a cultist is arrested those who usually came forward for their bail is noble and high chiefs in the society. I do see them, I have an office that is close to campus and if I say I have no fear seeing them around I must be deceiving myself. I have children and my family lives with me. I participate in a community policing project called YAGO. It’s like a vigilante group. I donate generously to them to maintain law and order. And to checkmate their activities there should be an agreement between government and the noble and mighty people in the society that whenever a cultist is nabbed nobody should come forward pleading for his release until justice is done. There is also need to have a strict legislation against cultism. By and large, there is need for aggressive creation of jobs as this also has effects on security level of the society.



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