But Why? Actress Oge Okoye caught photoshopping her butt in new picture

Nollywood Actress, Oge Okoye has been busted for increasing the size her her Butt with Photoshop..

In a photo making rounds online, the actress was pictured posing in front/back of a gate, rocking her leopard-print gown, with her “hips”/”butt” visibly bigger than usual.

But then, looking closely at the butt, you’d notice the gate also is a bit curved, and it’d take no expert to know the picture was photoshopped.

Had it been the picture wasn’t shared by the actress herself, we’d draw conclusions that this was done by a troll to tarnish her image.. But then, the actress shared the picture herselff on her Instagram.

Oh well, this is the third time the actress will “trend” for controversial reasons.



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