Buhari’s re-election more rewarding than Atiku, says VON DG

The Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mr Osita Okechukwu, says the epochal contest of the 2019 presidential election is not only a battle against rogue culture (BARC) but also for the soul of the country.

Okechukwu said this in Abuja on Monday when he received a delegation of Buhari Students National Support Group (BSNSG) led by Comrade Idowu Odebunmi.

He added that the 2019 battle is between President Muhammadu Buhari who frowned seriously against looting of public funds and those who cherished the local slogan of ‘share the money’.

He said President Buhari had been slow and steady in fulfilling the All Progressives Congress (APC) promise to stop culture of impunity as part of the change agenda.

He added that the battle against rogue culture was a prelude to meaningful restructuring of the country as no meaningful restructuring would take place in the midst of broken ethical moral attitudes, despondency and deficit critical infrastructure.

He lauded President Buhari for implementing the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy and attracting foreign loans to execute the massive critical infrastructural development to grow our industrial base, reduce gross unemployment and empower youths and women.

“The truism today is that those opposed to Mr President are simply doing so to hedge his Battle Against Rogue Culture (BARC), battle for a disciplined society and for an orderly community; which he has to the best of human capacity throughout his public service career waged. One is not saying that Mr President is a saint, or perfect, but he is rare persona, that’s why African Union mandated him to champion the anti-graft war.

“Rogue culture arises when a society pays scant attention to the excellent quality of manners, do not bother much about decency, lacks fiscal discipline in managing public finance and do not treat each other as equal.

“This is why there is gang-up-of-big-men-against-Buhari from mostly the 1% of our population. For them he is cloned and dead, because it is not business as usual, but they’re not Almighty God. The good news is that majority of the 99% of our population are with Mr President,” he said.

He urged the students to join President Buhari in waging war against rogue culture to fast-track the diversification of economy and sustainable development, saying the president’s re-election is more rewarding and certain than that of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.



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