Buhari has ensured security – Arewa group

Arewa Media Group says it has taken stock of President Muhammadu Buhari achievements after two years in office insisting that incessent shedding of innocent blood in the country on account of insurgency has been checked.

The group said; prior to Buhari’ assumptions of office, Nigerians lived under mutual suspicions and falshood while fear and uncertainty reigned over the citizenry. Addressing journalists in Kano recently, the group’s Chairman, Abdulmajid Danbilki Commander, added that there is no gainsaying that from Borno to Kano, to Lagos and Port-Harcourt, Nigerians distrusted one another; rather than accepting and living in harmony they always reject and shun each other.

“When President Buhari was campaigning he promised restoration of security when in a blow hundreds of Nigeria were been killed at motor parks, mosques, churches and even on the streets, but today is there anything like that?” According to the Chairman, the government of Goodluck Jonathan splashed billions of dollars on security without achieving commensurate success while Nigerians became refugees in their country and many became orphans and widows.



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