Attempted Arrest: Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Ministry Breaks Silence, Warns Buhari

the attempted arrest earlier this morning of Apostle Johnson Suleman,
the president and founder of Omega Fire Ministry worldwide by officials
from the Department of State Security (SSS), the church management has
issued a press release condemning the development.
statement jointly signed by Dr. Sule Emmanuel, senior pastor, OFM South
Africa Churches and Director of Media (OFM Worldwide) and Barrister
Samuel Amune Esq, Coordinator, OFM Legal Team Worldwide, reads;
is to inform the millions of followers and supporters of Apostle
Johnson Suleman all over the world that the man of God is very safe, and
that the attempted arrest by the Department of State Security on the
man of God on the instruction and orders of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari was unsuccessful.
the last couple of months, thousands of defenseless Christians have
been killed across various cities in Nigeria, with nearly a thousand so
far killed in southern Kaduna alone. Shockingly, there has been no firm
statement or action by the Nigerian government to stop these destruction
of lives and properties neither has any one been arrested or charge to
court, largely because these senseless killings are been perpetrated by
kinsmen of the President. And because of the body language of the
President, these killings have progressively increased.
Apostle Johnson Suleman, in his love for Nigeria and as God’s
representative to the people, has refused to keep quiet about all these
immoral happenings, and he has continued to speak truth to people in
position of authority; calling on the government to do the needful, and
protect the citizens. Only recently, God’s servant, Apostle Johnson
Suleman was forced to call on Christians all over Nigeria to defend
themselves against these killers since the spate of killings has been on
the rise. Interestingly, the call by the man of God for the Christians
to take caution and defend themselves where necessary has become the
core focus of the Nigerian government, despite the fact that it has
evidently failed to protect her people. It is now determined to exploit
the instruments of the State to go after the man of God.
of a tyrannical government, while the man of God was in Ekiti
State–Nigeria for a crusade which held at the Ekiti State Pavilion, the
government of President Buhari ordered two truck-load of fully armed DSS
officers to forcefully arrest the man of God, but the people and the
government of Ekiti-State overwhelmingly resisted the arrest.
it be on record that this assault occurred around 1am in the morning of
25/01/2017. Apostle Johnson Suleman is not facing any corruption
charges neither is there any petition against him. The attempted arrest
being masterminded by the PRESIDENCY against him is unconstitutional,
morally wrong and procedurally defective.
country was founded on the principles of equality before the law and
justice. There should be strict adherence to the Spirit and Letters of
our Constitution and nobody should be treated as a common criminal. As
the country belongs to every one of us irrespective of religion, sex and
social status.
the way, the man of God in his prophecies for the year 2017 which he
issued before the end of 2016 had already informed the public how God
showed him that in 2017 the government of President Buhari will come
after him because of his stand against the policies and actions of the
government. But God is ever faithful to protect his Anointed from the
over the world, no responsible government ever makes religious leaders
their object of attack, but they would rally round religious leaders to
see how to forestall any crisis and foster unity. History has shown that
when you make religious leaders objects of attack, the repercussions
are very grave.
just being an esteemed and beloved preacher of the gospel, Apostle
Johnson Suleman is a renowned philanthropist and statesman. On a weekly
basis, he sponsors widows, jobless graduates and several Nigerians to
start businesses and give meaning to their lives, while also giving
scholarships to countless number of people to obtain university
these self-sacrificing philanthropic gestures are not directly or
indirectly funded by the church, but directly from Apostle Johnson
Suleman’s private resources and from his several business interests.
with the present needless sufferings and hardship the present
government of President Buhari has plunged Nigerians into, Apostle
Johnson Suleman has remained undeterred and consistent in doing his best
in alleviating the sufferings of the people. While in Ekiti, he doled
out over One Million Naira to certain people who had various financial
challenges. These individuals were strangers to him, but because they
are fellow Nigerians, he considers them his brothers and sisters, and he
just had to do something to end their despair. This is the kind of good
heart the man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has for his country and
his compatriots.
are hereby calling on the Nigerian government to put a stop to
senseless attacks on Christian leaders, especially Apostle Johnson
Suleman. These are leaders and beacons of hope whose integrity and
teachings have kept this country in unity and consistently given hope to
millions of Nigerians faced with hunger, neglect, abuse and
ill-treatment from the government they optimistically voted into power.
will like to inform the government of Nigeria that Omega Fire Ministry
has numerous branches of her ministry in over 51 nations, (with over
500,000 membership in Nigeria alone) and all our National churches have
been mandated to take our protest letter to the Nigerian Embassy in all
these nations, and to inform the government of the respective nations of
the despotic and tyrannical approach of the government of President
Buhari to Christians and Christian leaders in Nigeria. We also make bold
to say that we shall employ all means whatsoever legally permissible to
seek redress and defend ourselves and our Apostle should the Presidency
continue this senseless attack. It is unacceptable that the killers of
the people are not being arrested, but respected men of God are made
object of attacks by the institutions of government.
like to unequivocally state that Apostle Johnson Suleman believes in
the progress and unity of Nigeria, and this will remain the core of all
his messages. However, no intimidation from the government will stop him
from speaking the truth to the government, and standing in defense of
the defenseless.
believe that the greater and brighter days of this country are very
close-by, and God in His judgment will surely displace the enemies of
his people, regardless of how highly placed they are.
Apostle Johnson Suleman will continue praying for the good of Nigeria, and for the Almighty God to guide her leaders’ right.
conclusion, we use this medium to call on the government of President
Buhari to heed the call of all Nigerians, and step-up in his leadership!
Protect the people. Stop the mindless killings going on daily in
Nigeria. Stop the unwarranted persecution against the church, the
Christian community and the wanton destruction of churches. As father of
the nation, let your body language and your voice be visibly heard as
leader of a united Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria.”


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