Armed Robber Selects Bad Day For Operation (Video)

When people devise vicious plans to take from others, they only have one goal in mind – getting what they can get.

However, many never consider the possibilities of something going gravely wrong.

They believe their actions will lead to nothing more than a clean getaway and stolen cash or valuables.

But, one robbery suspect learned a very severe lesson and gravely suffered the consequences of his actions.

When he chose to rob a convenience store in Brazil on May 31, he definitely got much more than he bargained for.

The Plot: Footage of a disturbing robbery-in-progress recently surfaced on LiveLeak. It has been reported that the robber walked into a store and proceeded to rob it while four shoppers were inside.

The footage shows the robber, dressed in a white shirt and a motorcycle helmet, walking inside and drawing a gun at the store clerk. Although he probably expected a clean getaway, things definitely didn’t go according to plan. Apparently, shoppers were in no mood for the robber’s plans.

The robber had no idea the men inside the store weren’t just your average shoppers. They were actually off-duty plain-clothes police officers and they definitely weren’t going down without a fight – a gunfight, that its. Each cop decided to take matters into his own hands.

When the robber pulled his gun, so did they and everyone fired back. Check out the videos: It has been reported that the robber was shot multiple times. The footage captures the first cop behind a display shelf. He could be seen pulling his service pistol. After that cop fired 2 to 3 shots, the robber fell to the floor.

The robber dropped his gun on the floor but that didn’t deter him from trying to fight back. But when he went to pick the gun up, he was shot by the other officers. The robber motionless as one of the officers ran to the door presumably to check for accomplices. It is unclear if the robber survived the shooting but regardless of what happened, he made a decision that led to his fate.



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