Adewale Ayuba warns against negative influence of obscene music videos, contents

Legendary juju musician Adewale Ayuba on Thursday expressed worries over obscene videos and contents in the music sector, saying that they were impacting negatively on the youths.

Ayuba told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the Federal Government should wade into the problem before it totally becomes the norm.

The musician said that if the government did not do this, it would negatively affect the psyche of the younger ones.

He said that the National Film and Video Censors Board had failed in its duties to halt music with negative contents and obscene views over the years.

Ayuba appealed to the government to either empower the board or scrap it and reconstitute a functional one that would bring sanity to the society.

“This is not too late, let government come up with a board that will be functional and halt this insane behaviour among musicians.

“Government should constitute a functional Censors Board that will ensure that every music is scrutinized before it is released into the market for public consumption.

“These obscene videos and content have been affecting the young children negatively,” he said.

Ayuba said that the young generation of music lovers, talented in the industry were running away from being musicians because of the activities of pirates.

He said that states should start enacting stringent sanctions against piracy.

They should also ensure that such sanctions are implemented so as to encourage more up-and-coming artists.

Ayuba said, “Nigerians who wish to become musicians are at present scared to embrace the profession because of the activities of pirates.

“They have observed that they will only realize little or no royalties from their intellectual property and this is not encouraging.

“So governments at all levels must ensure that they enact stringent sanctions against pirates, and such are implemented by the law enforcement agencies.”



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