About That Group Discussion On #InstaVoice App

It was all fun at Foresight Africa, a marketing company located in
Ikeja-Lagos, where a group of young minds were gathered to review an
application; talking about its pros and cons, while suggesting the way

The mobile application, InstaVoice, is designed to ease
the task of managing phone calls and messaging. With simple and good
layouts, the app even promises more when updated and has the ability to
give Truecaller a run for its money when its power is properly

The discussion went great as the discussants were very
engaging and truly revealed what they felt are good about the
application, places where upgrades and corrections were needed, possible
glitches in its working and so much more.

It was clear the invited discussants delivered on their part, while the organisers? …Not so much.
coordinator seemed to try and direct the thoughts and responses of the
respondents, giving indications of being in haste to get done with the

Compensation given to the discussants for the time and
energy spent were totally unacceptable; a towel! The question is how
does that relate to technology? Their transport fare was not even

Anyway, InstaVoice is an app that features free missed
call, free voice mail, free chat, and free voice SMS, and available on
Windows, Android and iOs phones.
It comes highly recommended.




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