‘Abortion Is Never An Option’

It all started when I was in 200level, my ex girlfriend at the time came back to tell me I was responsible for her pregnancy after 3months of separation.

As a student that was being fed by his struggling parents, I decided not to tell them at home dat I don pass my boundary, but as at that time abortion wasn’t on my mind.

As time goes on, I was mocked by some of my friends to the extent that the story was published in one of my departmental magazines that I impregnated a girl.

I was carrying all the burdens alone without keeping any of my family members in the know.

After nine months, she eventually delivered safely at a General Hospital and a friend stood by me.

I was in the lecture room when I was called that she had given birth to a baby boy, it was a mixed-feelings because I knew I didn’t tell any of my parents as I thought my education will definitely stop but they get to know eventually after 5 months of delivery.

Fast forward to 2years later, my baby mama abandoned him and ran away with another man. I was just about to write my 2nd Semester exams of 300level (HND1) when on a one faithful morning I was called to come pick him up as she had abandoned him for the past two weeks. I went to pick him up in 2008.

The boy in question will clock 11years by September, 2017.

The shocking part of it till date is that since he was abandoned by the mother at age 2, she has not even asked after him and the boy doesn’t even know who his mother is.

I have on several occasions sold my belongings so I could pay his school fees and other charges.

Today, I am married to one of the virtuous women on earth, who makes it her duty to care of him like hers.

My prayer at the moment is to see someone that will just ask me “What do you want?”, I will just tell him/her to help educate him abroad.

I share this today so that if you find yourself in my shoes, abortion is never an option and heavens will not fall at the end of it all.

Be inspired!.



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