#5kBae #UltimateSmackDown OMG! Wema Bank throws in punches too!

Wema Bank quickly took advantage of the news that is currently trending on twitter. 
This is none other than the story about a guy who took a Twitter girl out on a date and then asked her out, but she declined. He then took to Twitter to rant a little about how broke and hungry she is.

The lady in question wasted no time, as she summed up the total amount the guy spent on the date which totaled, N3800.. and even added an extra N1200 change and then transferred it to the guy’s Wema Bank Account.
The Girl’s reaction:
This ignited a trend on Twitter, with many bashing the 18 year old boy.
Wema Bank quickly took advantage of the trend, and shaded the hell out of the boy. Lol
See Below:


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